Kathleen Fisher Hoagg

BFA Painting  College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
MAT  Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME

Kathleen Hoagg - Line Series 1 p
Kathleen Hoagg – Line Series 1 p

After completing my MAT degree, the next twenty five years were devoted to teaching art and raising three daughters with my husband, artist Douglas Hoagg. I did not produce studio work, per se, during this period, but both experiences satisfied my creative needs and continued my development as an artist.

By 2014, no longer teaching and with one daughter left at home, I had the time, and especially the creative need, to devote myself to studio work.

I am an artist that works in drawing and painting. In my current work, I am using an intuitive and process driven approach to making pattern. Both man-made, and especially pattern occurring in the natural world, inspire and inform my work.

There are two quotes by Thoreau that I have had taped in my drawing box since my early twenties that continue to resonate for me. They sum up the value I place on art making and the reverence I feel for individual gifts:

“The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sing the very best.”

“I am Monarch of all I survey, my right there is none to dispute.” 

Henry Thoreau