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Working on a multitude of paintings at a time, Karl Bielik’s brew of abstractions are developed in batches.

Irregular canvases cover his studio walls and floors, where he shifts from one painting to another, experimenting playfully with mark making.

Formal lines taken from photographs and diagrams contrast loose oily wounds, thick emulsions offset light glazes and dribbles.

In contrast to this emotive imagery, banal solitary words form Bielik’s titles, tempering and balancing the melancholy character of his paintings.

His work has been in numerous shows at home and abroad, most notably The Marmite, Creekside and Lexmark Art Prizes in the U.K.

Selected Exhibitions

*Infinity : One, Dalla Rosa Gallery, London. PV 12.06.14 runs to 12.07.14
*A Dream within a Dream, Bankley Gallery, Manchester. PV 15.05.14 runs to 15.06.14
*Occurence, Aurora City Gallery, Illinois, USA. PV 23.05.14 runs to 22.08.14
*The Wright Gallery, Northport, Michigan, USA. Dates T.B.C.
*Gallery Schutte, Essen, Germany. PV 08.11.14 runs to 10.01.15
Eight Painters curated by Paul Behnke. Kathryn Markel, New York.
Encounter Fine Art Launch, Broadway House, London.
Art Converters, Studio 1.1, London.

First Come, First Served, The Lion and Lamb, London.
Sluice Art Fair, Tanner Street, London.
Exchange Project curated by Claire Undy, APT Gallery, London.
Form/Function curated by Lisa Denyer and Matthew Macaulay, Piccadilly Place, Manchester.
Now you see it, now you don’t, The 8th Terrace Annual Open, London.
Other Objects, The Lion and Lamb, London curated by Caterina Lewis & Gwennan Thomas.
WILAY North, Imogen Holloway Gallery, New York curated by Julie Torres.
WILAY, Parallel Art Space, New York curated by Julie Torres.
Meditations, The Meter Room, Coventry curated by Lisa Denyer and Matthew Macaulay.

Plane Space curated by Dan Roach, The East Crypt, Worcester Cathedral
The Art of Falling Apart, the 7th Terrace Open, London

The Velryba Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Done Paint Done, The Drawers Gallery, London.
The Creekside Open, Selected by Phyllida Barlow, APT Gallery, London
A Heap of broken Images, where the sun beats, The 6th Terrace Open, London
The Marmite Painting Prize touring Coventry, Tameside and London

The Barbican Arts Group Trust Open, London
Icons, St. Botolphs Church, London
BHVU Winter Open, London
Vintage at Goodwood, A Customized mannequin for an Artists charity auction.
Hang then Decay… It says something to me about my life, The 5th Terrace Open, London
The Anthea Turner Prize, Compton Studios, London
The Filthy Songs of Their Fathers, Scapegoat Society, London

The Art Factory, Budapest, Hungary
And it’s Time, Time, Time and it’s Time…The 4th Terrace Open, London
Surface, The Imperial College, London

The Marmite Painting Prize, Studio 1.1, London
Dynamite Fighter featuring Lark, The Royal Academy, London
So Much Wasted Wine… So Many Dead Flowers, The 3rd Terrace Open, London

Oh Deborah! CA Projects, London
Departure Lounge, Terrace, London
Doodles, Noodles and Snippets, Vital Arts, Whitechapel Hospital, London

Time Flies, The 2nd Terrace Open, London
New Pain, Vertigo Gallery, London

Happiness Blues, Terrace, London
Painting, Y.A. Gallery, Berlin

Lexmark European Art Prize, Eyestorm, London
London Arts East, 291 Gallery, London
Somewhere, The 1st Terrace Open, London

36X36, Mafuji Gallery, London
Art 2002, Stricoff Gallery, New York

36X36, Mafuji Gallery, London

Bratri Capku Gallery, Prague
Do not go gently, Jednorozec Gallery, Prague