vered gersztenkorn : bio

vered gersztenkorn

vered gersztenkorn

Born in Israel – 1964
Self-taught Artist

The creations of Vered are characterized, generally, with expressive colors that touch the deepest levels of the viewer. In her unique language, she moves on the canvas freely between the intensive rhythmical touch and the soft lyrical. She paints spontaneously and intuitively, moving from abstract to figurative and combining the two in a way that affects our senses first, and then the associations.

Her work is curious, humorous and engages distorted humans, animals and still items, that only seem to be naïve and childish, while a clear mature sense of ability and expression is obvious there; of an artist who skillfully knows how to get the best out of her brush.

Her painting is based on the foundations of the visual art—color, composition, contrasts, textures—and juggles between oppositions: figurative and abstract, line and color, delicacy and roughness, naivety and maturity.

Looking at children’s paintings and their naïve way of painting inspires her to create new images and characters.

Her influences are the Cobra group, L’art Brut, as well as Jean Dubuffet, Jean Michel Basquiat, Israeli painter Lea Nikel, and more….

“I approach my work spontaneously, without knowing what I’m going to paint, according to how I feel at the moment, so it’s always a new adventure in form, color, ranging from abstract to figurative. I enjoy being on the edge of going lost and having control on my work. This is the place where I find most of my inspiration.”

Art symbol Gallery, Paris 2004
Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv 2006
Art symbol Gallery, Paris 2006
Danielle Peleg Gallery, Detroit 2007
Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv 2008
Art symbol Gallery, Paris 2008
Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv 2010
Kaniree Gallery, Zichron Yaakov, Israel – 2010
Art symbol Gallery, Paris 2011
Bazel Gallery, Tel Aviv 2012
Enpleinair Pinerolo, Italy 2012
Ramfjord Gallery, Oslo 2012